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Our Staff

Evelyn Shnier, R.N, is the founder of Sterling Assisted Living. As a registered nurse who is on-site full time, she oversees the medical conditions of each and every resident. She has a close working relationship with local physicians and hospitals and has acquired a reputation in the medical community as a highly skilled and caring professional.

Menachem Taragin, LCSW-C, has extensive experience working to improve the lives of seniors. He draws on his work in the nursing home, medical adult day care, and assisted living industries, to assist you and your loved one.

Pinchus Shnier, is our assistant manager. His years of devotion to the seniors of our community have given him the skills to provide leadership, and serve as a role model to our staff, while he oversees the day-to-day functioning of the home. He is fluent in Yiddish, and his primary goal is making people smile.

Elana Bondy, Mrs. Bondy is a therapeutic recreation director at Sterling Hospitality. She leads daily activities, with a focus on all areas of wellness. She aims to incorporate programs that are engaging and unique. Her activities utilize physical movement and cognitive strengthening, while also focusing on fostering friendships among our residents.

Malka Zweig, our special events coordinator, oversees our volunteer programs and trips and outings. In addition to supervising our weekly "Open Mic at Sterling Hospitality", and bringing groups from the local schools to visit, Mrs. Zweig also arranges trips to scenic locations, local restaurants, and community events.

Our Residents

Our residents come from a spectrum of backgrounds. Some are seniors living independently. Others are individuals with complex medical/ psychiatric needs. Some are natives of Baltimore and others come from other cities. Each has a unique personal history and set of values that contribute to our family.

Our 24-Hour Staff Members Include:

Certified Nursing Assistants, Medication
Administration Technicians, all trained in First Aid,
CPR, and Dementia Care.