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I am very impressed with the professionalism and 'Sterling Care' which Mrs. Shnier and her dedicated staff provide. Because the residents feel like part of a family, the environment of the Sterling facilities is conducive to general health and emotional wellbeing. This is contrary to the environment in many larger institutions.
Julian Jakobovits, M.D.

You have given me and my family so much peace of mind since my mother has been at Sterling Care.
S. Finkelstein

The care and attention my mother gets from the Sterling Care family is certainly superior. The staff is stable, efficient and friendly. My mom feels taken care of and visitors always feel welcome, at any time. Recently, to the amazement of her doctors, the Sterling Care staff nursed my mother back to health from an illness many thought she would not recover from. The staff was relentless, insistent, and they would not give up on her. I will always be grateful.
Toby Briks-Fader

We were very pleased with the care that our parents received."
S. Finkelstein

This place is the greatest. I owned an apartment on Slade Avenue, and about one year ago my grandson told me he didn't like the idea of my living alone. I could bless him to this day! The food is excellent, and everything is beautiful: there are nice, bright, sunny rooms, and it's clean like a pin. If you know of any elderly people, I would highly recommend it.
Leah Kushner, resident

I am able to make a connection with such amazing people. What more can you ask for? I get as much from them as they get from me.
Shifra Lansky, activity coordinator

There are better workers here than other facilities. We use real teamwork. We feel appreciated. The management is considerate when we have problems.
Katherine Whitfield, certified nursing assistant

Over the past 4½ years, I have been to all three Sterling locations. I'm very impressed with its very dedicated staff. Even those residents on feeding tubes never had bedsores. The caretakers, who have been there for years and years, treat the residents with dignity. One of the staff members, I remember was very meticulous about putting makeup on one of the residents to make sure she looked nice." "I walk in unannounced at any time. It is always peaceful, quiet, calm, and happy. The medical care they provide is always on the mark. As a nurse, Evelyn knows what is going on with each resident, and which meds they are on. Knowing them as well as she does, she is able to pick up on the fact that they are getting sick, even though they themselves might not know they are.
Tikva Dixler, P.A.

There's time to hold their hands and give a hug.
Lena Johnson, certified nursing assistant

The Sterling facilities are focused on caring for every detail of the residents' needs with compassion. Evelyn Shnier and Menachem Taragin have, themselves, placed the calls to me regarding ill residents, and often accompanied them to my office. Their close involvement is what gives 'Sterling' that personal touch. When I greet them in my waiting room, I get the feeling that they are not just there as professionals, they are there as they would be for their own family member.
Robert Menachem Cooper, M.D.