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Our Facility

Located in the heart of the Baltimore Jewish community, our brand new, custom-built residence is the result of 20 years of experience in running assisted living homes. We wanted to create a small, intimate home where residents feel they are among family.                                                                        Investors told us: "Think Big!" "How many beds can you fit on your property?"  We explained to them that we have a different focus. Our focus is creating a small and intimate environment, where caregiver and resident are friends and share a loving relationship. We do not subscribe to the corporate structure, where the focus is numbers, projections, and outcomes. Our focus is individualized loving care, directly from us to our residents. 

Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living is located

at 3617 Seven Mile Lane Baltimore, MD  21208 

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Sterling Care kosher assisted living Baltimore
Sterling Care kosher assisted living Baltimore
Our new, custom-designed,
beautiful residence



What's different about Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living?


Now in our beautiful, new residence to

serve you even better!

Locally Owned by Medical Professionals

Sterling Care is locally owned by a Registered Nurse and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who are on-site daily to personally care for and respond to residents.

Small Population = Personal Attention & Care

With an occupancy of just 16, our staff knows the unique personal and medical needs and background of every Sterling resident.  As a result, we can offer a truly superior level of care and attention.

Competitive, Affordable Pricing

Even though Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living offers highly personalized, one-on-one attention that you might expect to pay more for, our monthly costs are affordable and there are never any hidden fees.  Our prices will remain reasonable even after we move into our custom-designed, beautiful new residence. 

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Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living
Sterling Care best kosher assisted living Baltimore

I am very impressed with the professionalism and 'Sterling Care' which Mrs. Shnier and her dedicated staff provide. Because the residents feel like part of a family, the environment of the Sterling facility is conducive to general health and emotional wellbeing. This is contrary to the environment in many larger institutions. 

Julian Jakobovits, M.D.

Sterling Care best kosher assisted living Baltimore

The Sterling facility is focused on caring for every detail of the residents’ needs with compassion. The owners, Mrs. Shnier and Mr. Taragin have, themselves, placed the calls to me regarding ill residents, and often accompanied them to my office. Their close involvement is what gives ‘Sterling’ that personal touch. When I greet them in my waiting room, I get the feeling that they are not just there as professionals, they are there as they would be for their own family member.

Robert Menachem Cooper, M.D.


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Our Residents

Call for more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation for your loved ones!

Sterling Care residents come from a spectrum of backgrounds. Some are seniors who live independently. Others are individuals who need more help. Some are native Baltimoreans, others come from distant cities. Some are religious, others are not. Each has a unique personal history and set of values that contribute to the “Sterling family.”


What they all share is a desire to be in a place where they get lots of attention, superior care and a warm, kosher, Jewish environment. 

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"Our residents don't live in our facility. We work in their home."

Evelyn Shnier, R.N.

Sterlin Care best kosher assisted living
Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living


Outdoor Patio


Residents can enjoy the fresh air on our three-sided patio/porch .  

Housekeeping & Laundry


Daily housekeeping and private laundry services are standard.

Emergency Call System


Every room has an emergency call system for 24/7 help.



Sterling has separate kitchens for meat and dairy and all food is certified kosher.

Next Door to Synagogue
Wheelchair-accessible services for all minyanim are available at the synagogue next door.
Private Rooms/Suites

All rooms are private and suites for companions are available as well.

No Steps or Elevator


Everything is  located on one single level for easy access.

Jewish Environment

Shabbos/holiday meals, shofar, Megilla reading, Torah study, candle lighting and much more.


Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living music
Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living gardening
Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living pet therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychiatry Services
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Medication Support and Administration
  • Registered Nurse on site
  • Phlebotomy services available
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Podiatrist
  • PEG feeding, catheter care, ostomy care available


Long-term care insurance accepted          
Help with activities of daily living
Transportation to appointments          
Climate controls in every room
Private bath in every room

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Thanks to our beautiful, custom-designed residence, Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living will offer more convenient amenities and services than ever before!

Beautician & Podiatrist


A personal care room is available for hairdresser and podiatry visits.


Bask in the sun anytime of year without going outside.

Healthy, Diet-Sensitive Meals

Delicious meals are made daily using family-style recipes.

Cable TV & Wifi


All rooms have cable or satellite TV with plenty of channels.


“I’m very impressed with the very dedicated staff at Sterling Care. Even those residents on feeding tubes never had bedsores. The caretakers, who have been there for years and years, treat the residents with dignity. One of the staff members, I remember was very meticulous about putting makeup on a resident to make sure she

looked nice.”

“I walk in unannounced at any time. It is always peaceful, quiet, calm, and happy. The medical care they provide is always on the mark. As a nurse, Evelyn knows what is going on with each resident, and which meds they are on. Knowing them as well as she does, she is able to pick up on the fact that they are getting sick, even though they themselves might not know they are.”

Tikva Dixler, P.A.


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Evelyn Shnier, R.N, is the founder and co-owner of Sterling Care. As a Registered Nurse who is on-site full time, she oversees the medical conditions of all residents. Mrs. Shnier has a close working relationship with local physicians and hospitals and is known in the medical community as a highly-skilled and caring professional. She also oversees  all meals according to the residents' tastes and medical requirements. 

Menachem Taragin, LCSW-C, is a co-owner of Sterling Care. He deals with the many issues affecting residents, their families, and the assisted living environment. Mr. Taragin is also the Business Office Manager.


Malka Zweig and David Cain, Activities staff, provide activities specifically targeted and adapted to our residents’ cognitive and emotional needs.  They run Sterling’s daily groups as well as design one-on-one activities appropriate for each resident. 

Ariel Mahpari is Sterling's Assistant Manager. He ensures the smooth day-to-day functioning of the facility. Mr. Mahpari interacts with the residents, arranges their transportation, and manages supplies for the facility. On any given day he can also be found playing the piano and entertaining residents with his terrific sense of humor.

Elana Bondy, CTRS, is the Special Events Coordinator. She oversees the many volunteer programs, weekly performances and presentations that help keep Sterling residents stimulated and engaged throughout the day. 


Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living Evelyn Shnier
Sterling Care best Baltikosher assisted living Menchem Taragin
Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living Ariel Mahpari
Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living Elana Bondy
Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living Malka Zweig
Sterling Care best Baltimokosher assisted living David Caine

Talia Shugarman is Sterling's friendly, helpful Office Manager. She takes care of the bookkeeping, manages the social media accounts, as well as produces and distributes the monthly newsletter. 

Sterling Care best Baltimore kosher assisted living Talia Shugarman

Sterling's 24-hour staff members include Certified Nursing Assistants and Medication Administration Technicians who are trained in First Aid, CPR, and Dementia Care.

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How would you describe an ideal candidate for Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living?

A good candidate would be someone who appreciates a heimeshe environment where they feel like they’re part of a family, not like customers in a hotel. We work well with seniors who need more close supervision and have challenging physical and/or psychological needs. Someone who likes a big resort or hotel atmosphere probably wouldn’t be happy in a smaller place like ours. We’re truly like a family and our residents care about each other.

What advice can you give to children of aging/declining parents who are trying to decide how to best care for them?

Don’t wait until there’s a crisis. Do your homework beforehand. Do the groundwork now before the crisis hits and there’s no time. Talk with people whose family is in a prospective facility or talk with people whose family are no longer there to find out why. Try to look through the eyes of the loved one who needs the care to focus on what’s most important to them, not what you like.

How affordable is Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living?

Despite moving into a brand new residence, Sterling is reasonably priced. Our monthly fee includes room, personal care, medication administration, housekeeping, food, activities and assistance with activities of daily living. We have no hidden costs. The final fee is determined by the room location and the level of care needed. Payment is by the month and you are not tied into contracts. We also accept long-term care insurance.

Why should I choose Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living instead of getting care at home?
Home care agencies supply personal aides that come to your own home to provide care. Sterling's custom-built residence offers residents all the comforts of home plus a wide variety of medical care and the added stimulation of activities and social interaction with other residents. 

Does Sterling Care provide rehabilitation services?

Yes. Physical, occupational, and speech therapists see our residents as recommended by their physician. This is often the case when a resident comes to us directly from a hospital and is discharged with detailed therapy instructions.


There are so many options and the system is often confusing. It’s hard to know what to do.

We can help. We provide a free in-home consultation for you and your family members.  We'll help you explore all the options available and make recommendations and/or appropriate referrals. Just give us a call.


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3617 Seven Mile Lane  Baltimore, MD  21208

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