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Personalized Music and Memory Program

Music and Memory is a nationally recognized program that helps the elderly connect with the music that they love, providing them comfort, mental stimulation and improved overall function. Custom, individualized music playlists are created for each resident and listened to on a regular basis.  The music's therapeutic benefits are then monitored and noted by Sterling staff.

Reminiscence Activities

Throughout the week, residents enjoy all kinds of mental and memory stimulation activities, such as music, trivia, old news stories, 'remember when' discussions and other trips down memory lane. All are facilitated by our expert and compassionate therapeutic activities staff. 

Live Music Weekly

Residents enjoy a wide variety of live musical performances and singalongs every week thanks to the many talented musicians and singers of all ages in the Baltimore community as well as our gifted activities staff. Plus, every Tuesday night is Open Mike Night at Sterling.

Pet Therapy and More

Residents enjoy regular visits from gentle, patient, friendly dogs through Sterling's successful pet therapy program. Although dogs are frequent visitors, don't be surprised to see turtles, owls, iguanas and other exotic pets as part of various nature center presentations hosted by Sterling throughout the year. 


Sterling ensures that residents are exposed to a wide variety of stimulating activities, including engaging demonstrations, presentations and visits from museums, organizations and fun individuals in the community.  We even have horticultural therapy in the Spring and Summer when residents are encouraged to touch and 'smell the roses.'

One-on-One and Group Activities

Sterling Care's activities staff is onsite from 8 am to 6 pm daily, interacting with residents one-on-one and in groups, playing live music, leading discussions and singalongs, serving meals, playing trivia and word games plus so much more. Residents also enjoy regular visits from outside vendors, musicians, museums, schools, camps, artists, scientists, to name a few.   

​ Observance of Jewish Holidays, Customs & Traditions

Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living is known for its family-like, warm Jewish environment. We take pride in sharing our Jewish traditions with our residents. Shabbos and the holidays are observed with all their wonderful customs, meals and rituals...including candle lighting, kiddush, hamotzie, 100% strictly kosher food, divrei Torah, singing, shofar, Megillah and much more. Plus, there is a wheelchair accessible synagogue right next door for those who would like to attend services. 

Social Activities

At Sterling, we never miss an opportunity to give our residents a good time, be it on the Fourth of July, Mother's Day, at a Purim costume contest, an ice cream social or a great game of bingo. Our activities staff is constantly coming up with interesting and stimulating social events to delight our residents.

Personalized Birthday Celebrations

At Sterling Care, every resident's birthday is celebrated with their own party and homemade cake personalized just for them. 

Exercise Classes

Exercise is a regular and important activity at Sterling Care Kosher Assisted Living. 

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Call 410-318-8999

3617 Seven Mile Lane Baltimore, MD  21208
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Special visitors bring a smile
Parties at Sterling are fun!
Fascinating nature presentations
Residents get more attention here
Stimulating word games daily
Art therapy at Sterling
Happy to be here
The Baltimore Bows perform
Homemade for Shabbos
Pet therapy at its best
Succos at Sterling
Homemade hamantashin
Turtle visits are welcome here
We get the best visitors!
Live klezmer music
Freshly baked challah rolls!
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